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Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

CAC Presentation - The CAC laid out 6 different scenarios for Board consideration.

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HSC is mobilizing parents and community members to make sure our voice is heard in the interest of showing the CUSD Board and CAC all that De Vargas offers to students in our community.

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Visit the Save De Vargas Website

Why Keep De Vargas Open?

The De Vargas Elementary team of teachers and staff strive to create meaningful and relevant learning experiences for all students. The diversity of our student population, which represents a wide range of backgrounds both socioeconomically and culturally, provides a learning environment for our students that is representative of the real world outside our classrooms and school. Through a focus on Project Based Learning, students are exposed to varied instructional strategies that provide opportunities to show their learning in ways that are hands on, creative, and personalized in order to meet the needs of our schools diverse learners. This approach allows us to meaningfully engage all of our students regardless of their socioeconomic standing, English language ability, or Special Education needs. The diversity of our campus also lends itself to building social emotional skills that will help students become more understanding, empathetic citizens, that are not afraid to learn from their mistakes and show the kindness, support, and thoughtfulness to others that our world needs more now than ever.

Talking Points

  • De Vargas is a STEM school. Our vision is to create an academically rigorous TK-5 STEM school that empowers self-motivated students to collaborate, think critically, solve problems and contribute to the global society.
  • De Vargas has an incredible group of teachers that inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning in our students.
  • De Vargas is the only school in CUSD with teachers that are formally trained in delivering Project Based Learning (PBL) experiences.
  • De Vargas is the first in CUSD to offer CREATE (construction, resource, engineering, and technology environment) makerspace. It is a resource for all students to support their PBL efforts. CREATE offers more room and access to tools and materials not kept in classrooms. Students can participate in daily "tinker time" during lunch and after school to work on projects of their choice.
  • De Vargas is 1 of 2 schools in CUSD that serves the most Title 1 students. Note: Title 1 schools receive federal funding to help underprivileged children meet challenging state academic standards and help those who are behind or at risk of falling behind, aiming to bridge the gap between low-income students and other students.
  • De Vargas is 1 of 2 schools in CUSD with a full time Intervention Specialist that plans and implements supports for all students in the school for Reading and Math.
  • De Vargas is 1 of 2 schools in CUSD with a full time Instructional Coach to support students and teachers in every aspect of their learning and instruction.
  • 5th Grade Science: DeVargas had strong results, particularly for English Language Learners. (46.15% met or exceeded standard. Across the District, only 24.38% of 5th grade ELs met or exceeded standard.) for students.
  • De Vargas was the 3rd highest ranked school in CUSD in preparing Kinders for 1st grade in the area of Reading. (According to district data collected last year).
  • De Vargas has a committed and involved community made up of parent volunteers. The Home & School Club (HSC) plans many fun activities to connect parents and to raise funds to pay for expanded music and art programs, Maker Space activities, P.E. equipment, Library and Project Cornerstone programs.

Email the CUSD Board

Let the Board know why De Vargas is unique and is vital to CUSD and share your personal reasons and stories too.

Use this email to reach all the board members: board@cusdk8.org

Stacy McAfee, Interim Superintendent: Mcafee-yao_stacy@cusdk8.org

Lori Cunningham, President: cunningham_lori@cusdk8.org

Jerry Liu, Vice President: liu_jerry@cusdk8.org

Satheesh Madhathil, Clerk of the Board: madhathil_satheesh@cusdk8.org

Sylvia Leong: leong_sylvia@cusdk8.org

Phyllis Vogel: vogel_phyllis@cusdk8.org

Sample Letters from Parents

Bonnie Chow's Letter

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CUSD District Office
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Board Office Hours allow Board Members to engage informally with the community in a forum outside that of a Board Meeting and to facilitate the communication of community input on the District's educational policy decision.

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